Sunday, July 9, 2017

Who is the Character of Daniel Sperling in my "Seventh Dimension Series" based on - Think Sports Star in a Category of His Own.

I put on the tennis channel tonight and am seeing the replay of Wimbledon between Federer and Zverev from earlier. Of course, I just had to see who won. Yeah! My favorite sports star won. So, I share something I have never shared publicly before.

When I created the character Daniel Sperling for my Seventh Dimension Series, I couldn't think of anyone I personally knew that would be like him. Not any former boyfriends back in the day when I knew what those were. Certainly not my ex-husband. 

So I started thinking about all the sports I had captioned, literally in the thousands of hours, from real man's football to poker -- you name it, I've captioned it -- and by the way, that was pretty exciting on the poker championship on ESPN, but certainly no one in that cast of characters would fit the image of a handsome, athletic, incredible character guy that treated women with respect and never had a mean thing to say about anybody, not even when he lost a match or championship. It took me about ten seconds to come up with Roger Federer. I don't care what sport you look at, he's in a class of his own.

So, I had to add the Jewishness to my character as Federer is Catholic, but if you want to catch a glimpse of "poetry in motion" -- I wish I could claim that phrase as my own, but I can't, he'll be playing again on Monday.

Now, if you can't catch him at Wimbledon, but would like to imagine him racing chariots in 33 A.D. and beating all odds of capture by the Romans, you can get my book "Seventh Dimension - the King" still for 99 cents on Amazon. It's won six awards so it can't be too bad. And I've been told my chariot scenes are better than the old 1950's Ben Hur movie where some guy named Charlton Heston raced chariots and the movie won eleven Academy Awards.

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  1. He won Wimbledon yet again! And very cleanly too!
    He is a great example and sports role model, as well as being an amazing tennis player!
    Will he win it again next year? If he plays like he has done this year, there's every chance.
    Good choice Lorilyn.
    And yes your chariot scenes are wonderful!