Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Animal Planet's "Monsters Inside Me"

Manisha's story will be featured on Animal Planet's show "Monsters Inside Me" on Wednesday August 25, 10-11pm EST. The episode number is 210, Shape Shifters (unless they change it between now and then, but this is what they emailed me today).

To celebrate her adoption and healing from a devastating illness, I am offering a free copy of Children of Dreams on each of my websites from now until the end of August. Here is all you have to do. I just posted a devotional on my website and blog, "Many Lessons for a Life Worth Living," and if you will leave a comment -- a quote, Bible verse, something the devotional spoke to your heart, I will enter your name into a drawing for a signed hard copy. If you go to both websites and enter a comment in both places, your name will be entered twice.

My website is: http://www.lorilynroberts.com/blog.html

My blog is: http://lorilynroberts.blogspot.com/

The drawing will be September 1. Winners will be posted on my websites.

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