Thursday, May 3, 2012

John 316 Marketing Network Bloghop Coming May 7 to May 14

Dear Prospective Blog Hopper:
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May 7 through May 14 ONLY!

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Meet Our Sponsors!

John 316 Banner Meet Our Blog Hop Hosts

1.Lorilyn Roberts (John 3:16 Marketing Network Blog)
.Lynn Dove - Word Salt (Host blog)

Meet Our Blog Hop Participants

3. Laura J. Davis
4. Paulette Harper
5. Carol A. Brown
6. April Gardner
7. Sue Russell
8. Thomas Blubaugh
9. Susan F. Craft
10. Heather Bixler
11. Joy Hannabass
12. Deborah Bateman
13. Kimberley Payne
14. Rose Mccauley
15. Lisa Lickel
16. Alice J. Wisler
17. Amanda Stephan
18. Saundra Dalton
19. Tracy Krauss
20. Ashley Wintters
21. Deborah McCarragher
22. Lorilyn Roberts
23. Anita Estes
24. Martin Roth
25. Janet Perez Eckles
26. Kenneth Winters
27. Eddie Snipes
28. Diane Tatum
29. Janalyn Voight
30. Alberta Sequeira
31. Tammy Hill
32. Marcia Laycock
33. Julie Saffrin
34. Nike Chillemi
35. Elaine Marie Cooper
36. Sidney W. Frost
37. Jairus B. King
38. Bill Burt
39. Kathy Eberly
40. Bob Saffrin
41. Theresa Franklin
42. Ray Lincoln
43. Lilly Maytree
44. Valerie King
45. Yvonne Pat Wright
46. Pauline Creeden
47. Katherine Harms
48. Brenda Wood
49. Deborah Malone
50. Melissa Main
51. Kevin Main
52. Sandy Humphrey
53. Felice Gerwitz
54. Hallee Bridgeman
55. Lisa Mills


  1. Thank you for being a part of the blog hop. The only way I have personally been touched by adoption was my daughter was gang raped and felt she was unable to keep the child so she gave the baby girl away. It was very difficult for all of us but she is in a good home. I still consider her my grandchild. God bless you.

    Glenda Parker

  2. What a great Blog Hop and I'm now following your blog The youngest of our three children is adopted from Korea and back in the sixties she experienced a lot of discrimination. Love "The Donkey and the King!"

  3. Hey Lorilyn! Great job on the blog hop and I wish you good success on your books!

  4. Hey Lorilyn - thanks for the hopping good time we are having! It's good to visit author sites and see just how much is going on and the breadth and depth of thoughts!

    I hope the hop helps hone us all!

  5. Hey Lorilyn! This has been a fantastic adventure in blogging! Just stopping by to wish you a blessed day!

  6. Hoping by last minute to say Hi!