Friday, March 22, 2013

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card by Helping Me with the Seventh Dimension - The Door Audiobook

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Dear Lorilyn 
Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card
When my book Seventh Dimension - The Door was published, I offered a free audio download on my website at 

For those who downloaded it, and there were quite a few, I hope you enjoyed listening to my book as I narrated it. Since then, has published Seventh Dimension - The Door as an audiobook, and I am looking for ways to promote it to those who are blind or just prefer audiobooks to reading books.

If you make a suggestion to me that I end up using, I will send you a $25 Amazon gift card via email for helping me. 

Reviews are also always appreciated. If you would like to post one, please let readers know you listened to it rather than read it. The link to post reviews is at

Last week Seventh Dimension - The Door hit number one on Amazon in Christian fantasy, Christian futuristic, and Religious Science Fiction/Fantasy. I am working on book two now in the Seventh Dimension Series - The King and will let you know when it's available later this year.

The King

Devotions from the Seventh Dimension, a short FREE ebook, will be available in about a month. 

Don't forget to email me at with any ideas for sharing Seventh Dimension - The Door as an audiobook. Here's your chance to receive a free $25 Amazon gift card and get more audiobooks:) 

Seventh Demension - The Door is no longer available for free as an audiobook, but can be bought at iTunes, and Amazon.


Audible (Special price right now is only $1.99)

Kindle version:

My website has been updated, so please visit and enjoy the many articles, videos, and photographs there, as well as learn more about my other books - over 60 pages you can read and download for free at

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