Thursday, November 21, 2013

Growing Faith, Stories with a Message for Today's Youth, edited by Cheryl Rogers

Excerpted from Chapter 2: Visit from God in Growing Faith: Stories with a Message for Today’s Youth. The short story is by Cheryl Rogers, who edited and compiled the short story collection encouraging young people to live for God.

Sara was in her new blue-and-white Sunday dress and white patent leather shoes, skipping on the clouds. In the distance there appeared to be an old man with white hair and a long white beard, sitting on a throne. As she approached, she stopped and stared. Who was this, she wondered.

As she stared, he noticed her and called to her. “Oh, there you are Sara, my dear. Come see me,” he said with a smile. His eyes seemed to be dancing.

Sara approached him slowly, wondering how he knew her name. “Who are you?” she asked quietly. “How did you know my name?”

He smiled even more broadly and seemed to stare right through to her insides. “Sara, I named you. I made you. How would I not know you?” He reached for her so he could boost her onto his lap.

She raised her hands toward him and he lifted her and placed her gently on his lap. “Now there, are you comfy?”

“Yes, sir,” Sara nodded.

“I am so glad you came,” he began softly. “I wanted to have a little chat with you.”

As Sara looked into his face full of love she was reminded of the jolly fat man who sat on a throne in the malls at Christmas time: Santa Claus. “Oh, I think I know who you are,” Sara began. “You’re Santa, right? Is this where I get to tell you the toys I want?”

He broke into hearty laughter. “Well, I don’t mind if you tell me about the toys you want,” he said. “But that’s not exactly what I had in mind. First, let’s talk about who I am.”

He seemed to caress Sara with his glance. “You are every bit as beautiful as I planned for you to be,” he said.

Sara squirmed.

“Do you know who I am?”

“No-oo,” Sara replied, shaking her head.

“I’m your father.”

“I already have a mommy and daddy,” Sara replied.

“Of course you do. I gave them to you. I am their father too.”

“So are you my grandfather?” Sara asked.

“Well, no, but you are getting the right idea,” he answered. “I am your spiritual father. I am the father of mankind – your father, your mother and father’s father, even your grandfather’s father.”

Sara’s face shined suddenly, with understanding. “You are God?” she asked. “God the father? Like in the Our Father?”


A former newspaper reporter, Cheryl Rogers came to know the Lord as an adult through a devastating illness. When she surrendered her life to God, he healed her. Finally, she knew what she was supposed to write about.

Cheryl has since dedicated herself to spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. She writes both fiction and nonfiction for all age groups, but delights in telling stories to encourage young people to surrender their lives to God.


Growing Faith: Stories with a Message for Today’s Youth is Cheryl’s latest project. It is a compilation of six short stories from four authors, including Edith Edremoda, author of Entangled-The Path of Choice; David C. Russell, author of Winds of Change; Kim Leatherman, author of The Hapless Housewife blog; and Rogers, author of Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery. Growing Faith encourages young people to surrender their lives to God and do what he says. It is available from at



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to tell others about this new book, Lorilyn!

  2. Hello Lorilyn,

    My name is David Russell, one of the authors in the anthology you reviewed by Ms. Cheryl Rogers. I happened to have some spare time today, and wondered if this title was still available. My granddaughter is 5-years-old - and hope to give her a copy of this when she's perhaps 7 or 8-years-old. I have been in a couple other anthologies since then, and participate with two writing groups for practice: Writers 750 on, and the internet writing workshop.

    At present, I am working with three or four other Writers 750 members to compile an anthology on forgiveness. We hope to release it in Spring 2017 before Resurrection Day!

    I don't even know if your blog is active any longer but wanted to reply with thank you, and also thank you to Cheryl Rogers for having included my story. My title, Winds of Change, is no longer available as the publisher went out of business several months ago. I do believe God had it in circulation for as long as intended.
    FYI, my blog is titled, grafted in and on the journey

    Do come visit when time permits.
    All the Best,
    David Russell