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Sneak Peek from a new YA Christian Fantasy, Seventh Dimension, The Door, by Lorilyn Roberts



Seventh Dimension

The Door


Lorilyn Roberts

3rd Version

Copyright 2012

Scarred emotionally by an early childhood accident and dysfunctional family, Shale seeks acceptance by others, only to be bullied and falsely accused. Following suspension from school, she is befriended by a stray dog that woos her into another dimension. There she discovers she has an unusual gift which teaches her the secrets of a powerful king, but is it enough to learn forgiveness and overcome her tragic past?


I hid in the dark closet—the only place I felt safe. Cracking open the door and peering out into the living room, the tear-stained faces of Judd, Rachel, and Chumana overwhelmed me. They were staring into a small brown shoebox.
Chumana burst out crying. “I hate Shale.”
I cringed. I hated that my mother was so poor we had to share an apartment with Chumana and her mother.
Then Rachel stood and softly recited what must have been one of her Jewish prayers. With her unkempt hair and puffy red eyes, I hardly recognized my best friend. I muffled my sobs with my brown straight hair.
“Why are you praying?” Judd asked. “We aren’t here to pray. Shale needs to be cursed.”
“I am sure it was an accident,” Rachel said. “Don’t say things like that.”
It was enough of a curse that Judd lived next door. Ever since the accident, dark thoughts hounded me—memories I could not forget. Judd was probably the peeping tom that kept coming around.
He shook his head. “I don’t understand. Why did she do it?” A well-worn Atlanta Braves cap covered his eyes.
“And she and her mother HAVE to live with us,” Cumana complained. “I hate it. I will get back at her. Mark my word.”
I had never heard a twelve-year-old boy cry. It made me uncomfortable. After all, I rarely cried, except at that certain time of the month. That is, until this happened.
“I am sure she didn’t mean to,” Rachel repeated.
Rachel lived two buildings away in the same apartment complex. I was too scared to tell her the truth. Every time I would think about it, I’d start crying. I didn’t mean to fall down the stairs. My ankle would heal but my heart wouldn’t. I was a killer now.
I always thought a murderer was a monster dressed up in disguise so no one would recognize him. Did I look like a monster? If there were a God, as Rachel told me there was, surely he would hate me, too.


A Diary Entry Many Years Later

Life is about possibilities. In my case, THE possibility happened in a very strange way. The seventh dimension is a place of fabulous tales and infinite possibilities and a wee bit of fantasy. But I must start from the beginning. As you will see, I would be in the seventh dimension for a very long time.

“We will not hide these truths from our children;
We will tell the next generation…” Psalm 78:4

Chapter One

Two Years After the Accident

A hand reached underneath my blue skirt. Feeling violated, I spun around on my heels. The students in the crowded hallway blended into a blur of anonymity. Hurried bodies shoved past me. Time froze. Did I imagine it? Where was that coward hiding? Distracted and upset, I searched for his eyes.
“Shale, why are you just standing there? Come on or you’ll be late.” Rachel was waiting at my locker.
I started towards her as the bell rang.
“Are you okay?” She furrowed her brow.
“I’m fine,” I smiled, pretending nothing had happened. I would think about it later. “Did you finish your analysis of As You Like It?”
Rachel's eyes bulged. “Is it due today?”
“Here’s mine. You can take a quick look if you need to.”
“Oh, thanks, Shale. I hate Shakespeare anyway. No copying, promise. Just a peek.”
When we walked into class, I grabbed the desk closest to the door. My thoughts lingered on what had happened, as if I could figure out who did it by staring into an empty hallway. The teacher's voice brought me back as she recited Shakespeare’s play.

“All the world's a stage.
And all the men and women merely players
They have their exits and their entrances
And one man in his time plays many parts
His acts being seven ages.”

What was my part, I wondered. At fourteen, did I have one yet?


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Summer Writing Contest for Kids 10 to 14

A free resource is now available to help teach the lesson of Jonah. Called The Lesson of Jonah: There is a Price to Pay when you Disobey, the ebook includes a short story involving a modern Jonah, discussion questions, Scripture citations and optional homework.

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The magazine is holding the writing contest in conjunction with the John 3:16 Marketing Network. The contest is intended to grow youths in their faith and introduce new readers to the magazine and its Christian authors.

The ebook gives churches, parents, Sunday school teachers and other interested adults a teaching tool, enabling them to play an active role in helping youths submit entries.

“The wail tales must be their own work, but the free lesson plan helps the children understand the biblical principles involved,” explains Cheryl.

Avid readers 9 to 17 can help judge the contest and get in on the fun by contacting Cheryl at

Entries must be submitted by email by July 15 to  The first prize is $100, a $50 Walmart gift card and books by Christian authors.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nothing is Hidden in All the Earth

By Lorilyn Roberts

A current news story prompted me to ask this question: How much information gets shared on the internet, television, radio, and cell phones? And how many people board an airplane each day? I did some digging and here are some interesting statistics I uncovered.

According to, there are 175 million active users on Twitter, which is probably now the fastest way information is disseminated.

1,966,514,816 people use the internet. and claims about twelve million people watch television each day. After some extrapolations from  information I found on the web, I calculated approximately 261 million Americans listen to the radio each day.

How many cell phones are there in the world? Over 5.6 billion—here is a link that breaks it down by country:

Because this news story involved traveling on a plane, I wondered how many people fly each day? According to, over three million people board a plane every day.

These figures are mind boggling, and when you consider there are almost seven billion people in the world, you wonder how any one person could be significant. Who am I that God should take note of me in my little corner of the world in Gainesville, Florida?

That brings me to a recent news story  out of Canada. I do not want to even mention the man’s name because I don't  want to give him any notoriety, which is what he was seeking, but this man is alleged to have murdered a student from China, cut up his body, and shipped body parts to various schools and government offices in Canada. He then flew to France and later Germany, where he was spotted by an astute internet cafĂ© employee in Berlin who contacted the local police. He is now sitting in jail awaiting extradition back to Canada.

While the case is horrible, I am committed to finding good out of evil as a Christian news blogger. There is always something God can redeem out of the most tragic  stories. But for the networking of all the information that gets shared, what are the chances that this fugitive who fled from Canada, out of a population of seven billion people, would be spotted and recognized by another individual across the Atlantic?

Each of us does matter and is significant to God. How many more people could this murderer (if found guilty of his alleged crime) have hurt were it not for this internet cafe employee in Berlin? I’m sure this man did not wake up that morning and say, “I am going to turn in one of the world’s most sought-after criminals today.”

The Bible says in Daniel 12:4 (ASV):  “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

I take comfort in the fact that we live in a world that is not out of God’s control, that God predicted the world we live in today thousands of years ago, that criminals can’t escape the just governments that God has put in place, and that the increase in knowledge God uses for good. If an evil man is able to be spotted by another person on another continent, how much more does God keep His loving and watchful eyes on those who worship Him? I am sure it was not by happenstance that God used this Good Samaritan to catch this fugitive. May we find comfort that nothing escapes an all-knowing God who is everywhere all the time.