Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Excerpt of Chapter One From New Book Release, Seventh Dimension - The Howling, A Young Adult Fantasy, Book 6

Chapter 1

My horses, Mosi and Oni, took the lead. I could taste victory—sweet victory. They could run like gazelles when I let them. Just one more lap. I heard the roaring crowd chanting my name.

“Run!” I shouted. We passed Tariq, and a scowl covered his brow. He slapped the reins at me in a last-ditch attempt to yank me off the chariot, but I was a seasoned racer now. No chance of that happening.

We rounded the first turn, and I kept my distance. I didn’t want any more trickery or sleight of hand—like Tariq sawing off my wheel. The other racers had been knocked out or given up. Only Tariq was left, but dropping farther behind. The finish line called my name.

Less than a minute later, I threw up my hands triumphantly. I flicked the reins to slow the horses, and the people drummed their feet in the stands. Celebratory flowers littered the Hippodrome as the fickleness of the spectators never ceased to amaze me. The Romans believed I was a criminal and a Jewish one at that. Now that I was the winner—making risky gamblers wealthy—the crowd was on my side. Besides, everybody loved an underdog.

I relaxed for a moment in all the accolades. The Roman authorities wouldn’t dare arrest me. The last thing Pontius Pilate wanted was a riot on his hands and be called back to Rome.

Now was my turn for sweet revenge. What had Tariq done to my father? And that time traveler who terrified Shale at the inn, Tariq must know who sent him.

I searched for my betrothed and Shira behind Pontius Pilate and his entourage, but I couldn’t find them. Out of nowhere, I saw Much-Afraid scurrying across the racetrack. What was Shale’s dog doing here? Horses and chariots were everywhere. Fear that she might get trampled made me panic.

As I was scheming how to help her, a mysterious cloud settled over the racetrack. Amid the fanfare, I heard someone whisper, “Daniel, the race isn’t over.”

Of course, the race was over. I looked around. Who said that, but I couldn’t see anyone in the fog.

The noise of squeaking wheels and cheering fans began to fade into the distance. When the haze lifted, I saw an open scroll, and Tariq and I were racing again—this time among the stars.

I am excited to be publishing the last book in the Seventh Dimension Series, The Howling. It has taken me six years to write the series, and what a journey it's been. 

The Howling will be released on Amazon and Smashwords June 1. Smashwords is the distributor I use for other ebook sites like Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, et cetera. 

The print book will be published shortly after June 1 and made available to bookstores through Lightning Source. The full six-volume set will be sold as an e-bundle as soon as can do the compilation. 

Friday, May 3, 2019

“And I will Restore to You the Years That the Locusts Hath Eaten" - Healing God's Way

 by Lorilyn Roberts

 “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…” Joel 2:25 (KJV)

“I took away her dreams,” my husband told the judge. His words stung. My dreams of bearing children, finishing my college degree, and pursuing my goal of becoming a writer seemed impossible. At thirty, I hit rock bottom and started over in a dead-end job I hated. Tears welled up as I wept bitterly.

Thirty-three years later, I thank God he did not save my marriage. As an abuse survivor, I learned to be kind to myself. Prayer and reading God’s Word helped me to heal. I discovered freedom through travel. I found new ways to earn my college degree and studied internationally. I eventually earned my Master of Arts in Creative Writing. I learned to keep a short memory. I overcame bitterness by developing a positive attitude. I discovered beauty because I chose to look for it. I learned to love better and adopted two beautiful little girls from Nepal and Vietnam. I homeschooled them and learned patience. I chose to forgive. I was most surprised to learn that locusts can only eat so much. Then they die.

With the wind at my back and the sand underneath my feet, I no longer lament the years the locusts stole from me. They aren’t worth remembering. Only my footprints remain for others to follow. Instead, I’m thankful. Nothing is ever wasted, especially suffering. By taking that first step toward healing, we can share our victories despite our pain. Others will be encouraged when they see our footprints and know someone has gone before. 

Prayer:  Loving Father, help us to follow your footprints in the sand as we leave our own, forgetting the past and looking forward to the future.