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Southern Writers Magazine Presents Holiday Catalog 2018

Christmas is almost here and I wanted to share this wonderful catalog that contains dozens of book ideas for Christmas. 

I can't imagine Christmas without buying at least one book. All you have to do is click on the jpeg link above or THIS LINK and you will be taken to the catalog page. 

And if you purchase a book, let me know in the comments section. I'd love to know what you bought.


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Moses Spoke of the Resurrection from the Dead - Alluding to Yeshua

See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand. For I lift up my hand to heaven, and say, I live forever...Rejoice, O ye nations, with his people: for he will avenge the blood of his servants, and will render vengeance to his adversaries, and will be merciful unto his land, and to his people (Deut 32:39-40; Deut. 32:43).

Have you ever wondered if there was a reference in the Old Testament to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?  I came across this passage in Deuteronomy 32:39-40 and 32:43 while researching time reversals in the Bible for Seventh Dimension - The Howling. talks about in Resurrection and Possible Reversal of Time how God reversed the position of the sun by ten degrees in the Bible, which refers to the sundial (steps) of Ahaz. 

Most of the information in this article is way out of my comfort zone as I'm not a mathematician, but the reference in Deuteronomy was enlightening. Even in the Old Testament, God gave hints to a coming resurrection. In verse 43, he alludes to his return as the Messiah, to avenge the blood of his servants, render vengeance to his adversaries, and that he would be merciful unto his land and to his people.

Jesus will not return until the Jews, his chosen, recognize him as their Messiah. As we near the days of the Tribulation, I'm always looking for passages in the Old Testament that are relevant to his return, particularly in the Torah. 

Interestingly, this passage also infers that no one can take away those whom God has called, that Yeshua lifted up his hands on the cross (death) and that his human life was swallowed up in victory (eternal life).

I look forward to the day when one-third of the Jews will come to know Yeshua as their personal Savior (Zech 13:9). Today is the day of Salvation. Don't delay if you haven't accepted Jesus into your heart.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

First Sneak Peek at The Howling - Book Six, A Young Adult Fantasy, Seventh Dimension Series

Sometimes writing evokes deep emotions. I have been working on The Howling for close to a year, and I just wrote a scuba diving scene that takes place in the Red Sea. That was one of the places I dove many years ago, having made over a hundred dives all over the world. 

When I began writing these chapters, memories resurfaced, nostalgic sentimentality, and surprisingly, gratefulness. Today was my birthday. I just turned sixty-three and am one year out following my year-long battle with breast cancer.

I see every day I'm here as a gift, and when I think back to my diving years, I am reminded how quickly time goes by and what's really important when we get closer to the end of our journey. What a blessed life God has given me. 

With those thoughts as a backdrop, I decided to share a short excerpt I wrote tonight. Those who have read previous books in the series will wonder how this scene fits into the story--but I shall not spoil it. I hope The Howling will be the best book in the Seventh Dimension Series yet.

I followed Maurice along the colorful shelf where clownfish darted in and out of sea anemones. From the shimmering schools of fish to the tiny, shy creatures lurking under overhanging crevasses, God spoke to me, even if that voice was only to evoke in me a longing for more.

How can we fathom the depths of God's handiwork in the window of the deep? Can we know the inner workings of the tiny seahorse or understand the symbiosis between the known and the unknown?

My mind wondered as I videotaped the extraordinary beauty. I marveled how the masterful artist spoke this world into being before he created man.  Extravagant love blessed these waters and said it was good. Who could deny it came from a stroke of genius except for someone who didn't want to believe in God? 

However, we hadn't gone very far when our surroundings changed. The protective wall was a death trap. Heaped upon the sandy bottom were skeletons of decomposed fish. Did death have a voice?

I heard a muffled grating noise. Perhaps it had been there all along, just drowned out by our regulators and the normal rhythmic heartbeat of the sea. I shot the video in all directions to capture the disturbing changes.

The euphoria of being beneath the waters after such a long absence evaporated. The rainbow world of the deep had become a morbid cemetery. The vibrant colors of living coral were nothing more than whitewashed tombstones. Devoid of life, this part of the Red Sea was now a ghost town.

Maurice and I exchanged glances. Something had tarnished the ecosystem and brought death here.

The water became warmer as we glided along the shelf. Maurice wrote something on his slate and held it up—water temp?

I took his slate and wrote, “global warming?”

He shook his head, putting the slate back in his pocket. We followed the shelf until it leveled off and we came to a white sandy bottom. I checked the depth gauge—sixty-five feet.

Maurice wandered away from me a short distance and swam back, urgently signaling me to follow him. His eyes were as big as bowling balls. 

Release Date June 1
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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Negative Review on Amazon Comes Back to Bite Me in Seventh Dimension Series - My Thoughts on FREE BOOKS

My advice is to begin reading the Seventh Dimension Series with book one, The Door, or book two, The King.  I feel so strongly about this, after a reader left a one-star review presenting misleading information about the plot (because he hadn't read the first four books and then said he didn't understand the five stars by previous reviewers), I've decided to raise the price of the last three books in the series to $5.99 and remove all the books in the Seventh Dimension Series from KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited so they no longer can be read for free. No one that I know would spend $5.99 on a book if he or she hadn’t read the previous books in the series.

I have given away close to sixteen thousand books this last year, but what I’ve discovered is people will read a free book without any knowledge presented in the previous books in the series and then write a review that is inaccurate and negative. I realized after a reviewer posted a one-star review, that those who haven’t read the previous books are not invested in the Seventh Dimension Series and therefore have no desire to buy the previous books. And they also have no problem trashing a free book and misleading readers because they don’t know the backstory presented in the previous books.

For example, the writer of the one-star review says:  

Main character nags her betrothed constantly. Has animal friends that she talks to, her own revelations of Revelation, and zips back and forth between dimensions as some sort of privileged emissary. Acts according to modern-day norms without anyone apparently noticing. In the first century, she and her betrothed would have been called out for being alone together.

All these criticisms are unfounded. By book five, The Prescience, there is no reason to bog down the plot by addressing these topics because they have been dealt with at length in the previous four books.

As a result of this one-star review, I’m no longer offering any of the books in the Seventh Dimension Series for free except for book one, The Door, which is perma-free. If you are a family and cost is an issue, email me at and I will gladly provide a free book for you/or your child. I write for an audience of one, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My goal is to please Him in everything I write and reach as many readers as I can with HIS TRUTH. The last free offering will be for The City, book four, because it was selected by Robin Reads to be featured on Sunday, October 7, 2018.

The Seventh Dimension Series at last count has won thirty-five awards. To win that many awards is not easy and speaks to the hours of painstaking research I put into each book, the great care I spend developing the plot, the numerous rewrites I do self-editing, and the excellent work my editors do in making suggestions and corrections. However, in a sixty-five thousand word book, it’s very hard not to have errors in the first print run. 

If you find a grammatical mistake, please email me at I will make the correction and provide you with a small gift to show my appreciation.

I am currently working on book six, The Howling, and hope that it will be available soon.


Lorilyn Roberts 

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Trump, Media, Globalization, Israel, Abortion, and Hitler - What Do They Tell Us?

Recently on Facebook, one of my author friends posted a link to this article: The title is, "What My Escape from Hitler's Germany Taught Me About Trump's America."

The title is provocative and drew me in to read it. But as I read it, I realized the writer was so influenced by the liberal media that it wasn't even accurate. I couldn't leave a comment without a paid subscription. Here are my thoughts:

Last week during the Kavanaugh hearings for U.S. Supreme Court Justice, protestors wreaked havoc during the proceedings. I captioned it on C-Span, and it was obvious it was staged. The next day, I saw a video that showed that those protestors were paid to agitate by liberal-leaning leftists like Soros. The exchange of money was caught on video.

Before World War II, the media controlled the Hitler propaganda, just like the media controls the information that goes out over the U.S. airwaves. They get their marching orders from about five corporations that control over ninety percent of the news outlets in the U.S. They slant it to appear the way they want, which is, for one thing among many, advocating for open borders (the refugee crisis). Open borders take away nationalism because of the merging of boundaries, and taking away our guns makes it easier for those who have guns to control those who don’t.

Trying to make comparisons of Trump to Hitler is ridiculous. Hitler served time in prison; he was heavily influenced and mentored by occultists. He was a racist to the core. Hitler had not accomplished anything with his life except being a criminal before he ran for office.

Just because someone is a nationalist does not make him a Hitler. Quite to the contrary, it’s important that people consider themselves American if they want to live here. That’s what binds us together as a country: Our values, our language, our culture, our history, and our freedoms. We are Americans first. Certainly, you wouldn't call Gandhi a Hitler, and he was a nationalist. 

Hitler was a fascist (communist by a different name). Trump is not. Remember, the Bible says the anti-Christ will be a world leader. He will come to power by intrigue. That's what globalization is about, among many things—the centralization of power and forming a one-world government.

For example, you can trace the origins of the U.N. back to a desire for a one-world government. Global warming is a globalist agenda, and you have to buy into their version of the truth to believe it is a problem. Perhaps it’s part of the end-time deception. One thing I do know: God controls the weather, not man.

In addition, Hitler's solution was to gas people that didn’t fit his white Aryan race prototype. Trump is pro-life. All life, including the baby in the womb.

Trump is not anti-Semitic. He is behind Israel more than any other U.S President. That means he is behind the Jews. I thank God that Trump is accomplishing things other presidents didn’t have the guts to do. We didn’t vote a saint into office. We voted for someone that wouldn't kowtow to people like Kim Jong-Il and Putin and Iran. 

There are many issues we face as a country, but what the President does in his private life, if it’s not illegal, shouldn’t be on the front-page headlines. If Trump wants to have sex with someone that isn’t his wife, that's between him, his wife, and God. I don’t care what he does in his own bedroom, and I sure don’t want to hear about it day after day after day.

I do care about what he does for my country. Maybe those “hot” topics should be relegated to the tabloids for those who don’t have anything better to do than reading gossip. The media has become like a “used car salesman with no ethics” and insulted the American intelligence. Unfortunately, I have to caption all that mudslinging. Oh, how the media has changed since I first started captioning twenty years ago. 

On the Palestinean issue, those people aren’t refugees. That’s a complete misnomer. That would be like saying people that moved here from Vietnam because of the Vietnam War are refugees. Those people have settled in and become part of the American fabric. And that was back in the 1970’s that they came, not the 1940’s. Israel defeated all those Islamic countries in battle. They fought and won. The land is theirs. They paid in blood for it. In addition, the last time I read my Bible, it says God gave that land to them.

Do I need to keep going? Don’t buy into the lies the media is spreading. If you want to make comparisons to Nazi Germany, the one worth making is the media. Think Huxley's “1984.” 

The writer of this piece is drawing incorrect parallelisms. It is good, though, to remember. It’s always good to remember what happened. We must remember what happened or else the young people will believe it never happened. 

Yes, there are far-right extremists, but they aren’t the problem. Just like “1984,” the media is skewing the truth. If we aren’t careful, soon they will have us believe two plus three equals four.

Last night I captioned former V.P. Joe Biden’s remarks on C-span addressing the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner at the Washington Convention Center. He brought up the Kavanaugh hearing, and it was obvious to me that it comes down to one thing: Roe v. Wade. It comes down to protecting the life of the baby in the womb. In the bigger picture, I truly believe we will be held accountable for where we stand on this issue when we face God. God is big and unknowable, but He judges us in a way that demands we make a choice. That way, we have no excuse.

I also think nations will be judged in two ways, among many, but these two ways in particular:  How they treated the innocent (the baby in the womb), and how they treated Israel.  While Trump has many flaws, on these two important topics, we know where he stands.

Again, we will be judged both as a nation and individually. The media will be long gone when we stand before God and give an accounting for the choices we made. What are you going to tell God? Read the Bible and pray for our country. I am haunted by the sixty million abortions that have been performed in America and the countless deaths of innocent children in the womb in other countries that followed us and legalized abortion.

If we have a nuclear exchange, will sixty million of our soldiers die? I don’t know, but I do know that God is just. We can ask God’s forgiveness and pray that Roe v. Wade is overturned. That will only be possible if we have somebody like Kavanaugh elected to be the next Supreme Court Justice. James 5:16 says: “The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much.” 

One more quick comment: Just as God hardened Potiphar’s heart when he refused to let the Israelites leave Egypt, the choices you make today may be the last chance you have to make those choices. In other words, once you choose, God might harden your heart to where you no longer have a choice. Another way of saying it is, Satan will have his way because that’s what you chose when the choice was yours to make. There comes a time when that ability to choose can be taken.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for America, pray for the unborn, and pray for God’s salvation. Invest every minute living out your faith at work, at home, and with others. Live like you have no tomorrow.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trump, The New World Order, and the Political Arena - My Thoughts

I enjoy watching "aminutetomidnite" and Tony's insights into the political arena. I watch a lot of conservative videos on youtube. I don't always agree with what is said, but I'm always stretched. I rarely comment on the videos that I watch, but on this one, I made a rather lengthy comment and I thought I would share it here with my readers.

I think you (Tony) are looking at Trump in the wrong way. He is a rich man, and he’s been in the circles of the rich and famous for many years. He did not have to become President. He had all the money he needed to live out his life in wealth without doing anything else of significance. The Rothschild’s and the Blackstone Group relationships probably go back decades. 

This is where we differ in how we see Trump. Trump thinks in terms of dollars and cents. Everything has a price tag. He is a deal maker and a real estate developer. 

I believe God uses people where they are. To complement Trump’s weaknesses, God has surrounded him with Christians and men who have a Christian worldview. Trump seems to listen to people who know more than he does about certain things, like the military, and he is willing to take advice. 

Just because Trump continues to have relationships with wealthy people doesn’t mean he is for or against them or the New World Order. He’s not stupid (even though people say he is because they don’t like him). In fact, I think he’s quite smart. He has taken great strides toward knowing all of the so-called enemies of the United States. He wants to be friends with every major world leader as long as they respect America and our national interests. What’s wrong with that? That’s a good thing. 

Trump has an agenda, and if the New World Order can help him to accomplish that, he’s more than willing to bargain. Just like if he can use Putin to make a deal that’s good for the United States, he’ll do it. 

Trump, whether God put it into his heart or it’s just in the man’s make-up, truly wants to make America great. Everything he has done has been to achieve that. And whoever or whatever can help him, he will negotiate with or work with, whether it’s a country, a group or entity. I don’t think people understand how he thinks, so I’m challenging you to look at him through a different lens. 

I also believe God put Trump into office (and according to the Bible, we know that God puts leaders into office and removes them) so we can be sure Trump won because God meant for him to win. Many of his goals are very much in opposition to what the NWO wants and what the far left want. 

For example, he’s against globalization when it comes at America’s expense. That’s dollars and cents. He wants to put tariffs on Chinese products. Again, that’s dollars and cents. A one-world government does not make America stronger. The NWO wants global trade and open borders and a governing body that’s over the United States in terms of treaties and agreements. Here, Trump’s goals are diametrically opposed to theirs. 

I think it’s significant that Putin is not a part of the NWO. That makes it easy to make Putin the bad guy, but that doesn’t help America, and Trump wants to make America strong. Trumps sees bargaining with Russia as a good thing if it benefits us. To the contrary, if there is war, that’s good for NWO, the bankers, the globalists, and all those folks, because they make money financing both sides of the war. They really don’t care who wins. They are not beholden to any country. 

Trump loves America. In that sense, again, his goals are different from the NWO. Trump is pro-life and the NWO wants depopulation. Again, their goals are opposites. 

But I see a commonality when it comes to Israel. I imagine Trump would love to finance the rebuilding of the Temple. What a real estate project that would be! It would not surprise me to see him involved in some way towards making that happen. 

Obviously, that’s also the goal of the Zionists, the Jews, the Freemasons, the Catholic Church, the Rothschild’s, and on and on. 

So I think it’s very complicated and it’s somewhat misleading to say he is or he isn’t fighting the New World Order. I don’t think he thinks that way. He thinks in terms of money, making America great, and restoring here what has been lost. And being an American, I can tell you, the U.S. has been going in the wrong direction for many, many years. 

I’m thankful that God is using Trump to accomplish many things that no other leader in America has had the guts to do. I’m thankful that he has restored our relationship with Israel. I’m thankful he’s putting pro-life Supreme Court Justices on the Supreme Court. I’m thankful that he is getting us out of dangerous agreements like the Iran deal, the Paris Accord, and pulling us out of UNESCO, if I’m not mistaken, because of their anti-Israel bias. I’m thankful that he met with Kim Jung Un, as it appears that the North Korean leader is taking steps to denuclearize. Time will tell. I’m thankful that he met with Putin, and all the other world leaders he’s met with. Those are good things. 

We need to pray for President Trump. I think every day of his life he is in danger. I truly believe God’s hand is on him. I don’t call him a Cyrus, I certainly don’t call him a saint, but I call him an extraordinary leader. 

He’s what America needs at this hour, and I can tell you, the NWO is probably pretty upset about the state of affairs right now in the world because they have someone in Washington they can’t control. 

Trump is his own man, and as long as he’s pro-life and a staunch supporter of Israel, he has my vote. As a final note, I enjoy your broadcasts and insights. I hope you take my comments in the spirit in which they were intended. Blessings.

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"Seventh Dimension - The Prescience," Book Review by Donna Ford with The US Review of Books

Seventh Dimension - The Prescience: A Young Adult Fantasy 
by Lorilyn Roberts
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Click to Tweet:  "Time travel is more dangerous...The chasm between the physical world and spiritual realm is becoming unstable, as Satan and his minions gain more control."

Daniel and Shale were betrothed by Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) at the end of the previous book in the series. When they return to the present dimension in Israel, they encounter bombings and danger as the Gog-Magog war begins. They run to a bomb shelter, where a rescue dog finds Shale who can speak to animals. Everyone has their unique gifts of service; Shale has the gift of hearing, and Daniel has the gift of reading minds. Dodging bombs to follow the dog, they discover a young child with her mother dead beside her. The dog reveals her name is Shira, and she has no living relatives. That’s how the newly-engaged couple becomes parents of a three-year-old in the middle of a war predicted in the Bible.

Shale tries to call her mother in America, but the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack by Korea has disrupted all communication there. It may be safer to continue their search for Daniel’s father in the first century, back where Daniel first met Shale and raced his chariot against other time travelers. Time travel is accomplished via star-gates opened by CERN and are either controlled by good or evil forces. The Illuminati sent Nidal and Tariq, mercenaries from the future, to first-century Jerusalem in order to steal Bible scrolls telling of Yeshua’s life, death, and resurrection. The Illuminati can track their movement by a skin implant thus assuring they remove every record of Yeshua’s existence. Daniel’s brother, Jacob, has access to a government star-gate. Demons try to stop their travel, but an angel delivers Daniel, Shale, and Shira back to the first century. They may not be safe yet. The ventriloquist tries to steal Shira. And what if those who wished to arrest them find out Daniel will race against Tariq’s chariot once more in order to learn the truth about his father?

This novel, the fifth book in the series, combines young adult fantasy with historical fiction. It is written about the times near the end of what Bible scholars call the seven-year tribulation. Previous books in the series covered the first century when Yeshua was on earth. The author uses the cliffhanger technique at the close of each book, and the casual reader who has not read the previous books should thoroughly read the first chapters of this one to help make sense of what is happening.

Teen and young adult readers want to see a life they haven’t seen before. What better vehicle to introduce Biblical events than through time travel? There is also movement between the present dimension and the seventh, or Spiritual, dimension. The Prescience is the title of a book from God’s library in the Genesis garden; it reveals Biblical events to those who love and serve God. Reading in it, Daniel sees his future as one of the 144,000 young Jewish preachers who will testify to Israel about Yeshua. Daniel has the seal on his forehead to prove it.

Life lessons mix with the buzzwords. Daniel explains to Shale that people can have many futures. When she requested to marry Daniel, her future was changed because she missed the rapture and is now alive during the tribulation. Another learning experience happens when the couple leaves the garden by train. As it begins to fill up, Shale hears the occupants bleating like sheep and goats. She imagines seeing the car floor dirty with excrement and urine until she experiences compassion enough to see them as people too. It is a test all must pass who wish to be compassionate.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Support Trump? Then You Need To See This, EVERYTHING Is NOW At Stake…

I am extremely concerned about the role the American media is playing in the political arena. I fully expect this video to be deleted at some point in the future from Youtube, so I'm going to describe it. 

Basically, Lisa Haven is giving clips on the backlash against Trump, and it's crossed the line, folks. I believe a Civil War is coming to America. The liberals cannot accept the fact Trump won the election. 

We are a nation of laws. If this continues - the proclivity to violence and the attempt to undermine our President's authority - can our democracy survive? 

As I continue to work on my book, Seventh Dimension - The Howling, I came across this passage from Revelation 13:4-7:  

So they worshipped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshipped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?" And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months. Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven. It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation. All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If anyone has an ear, let him hear.

I've worked as a broadcast captioner for about twenty years, and before that as a court reporter for twenty years. The last forty years of my life I have been paid to write down the spoken word, to put those words onto the written page. Let me tell you, when Revelation says, "He [Antichrist] was given a mouth," that means he was given a platform, he was given a microphone by the media. 

The media gives people a mouthpiece so their voice can be heard. You've heard the expression, "fifteen minutes of fame." 

The Antichrist will have all the fame he needs because the media will be his voice. They will be his mouthpiece. They will be his captive audience. Revelation 13:4-7 as quoted above tells us so.

For anyone who thinks Trump is the Antichrist, think again. He's too hated to be the Antichrist. The Antichrist will be loved by the media. He will use their microphones, their pens, their websites, their blogs, their editorials - on TV, on the Internet, on Twitter, on Facebook, famous celebs and occultists. I don't need to tell you who they are. 

If you are a liberal bashing Trump, please stop. Think before you speak. He is our President. Do you want his presidency to succeed? Or do you want it to fail? If he fails, our country fails. 

Are you a true American? If you are, then support him. Stand by him. If you can't do that, then be silent and vote him out of office in the next election. 

Satan wants to cause division and strife in our country. His greatest weapon is deception. If he can use the media to present a partial truth, he'll do it, and, in the process, destroy the uninformed masses, those who don't question what they hear and don't know what's really going on. Don't be part of that. Satan is setting the stage for a future world leader who will be the Antichrist. He will use the media as his mouthpiece. 

Trump wants to make America great again. That goes against the New World Order and the agenda set by those who are bent on world domination and globalization. Don't fall for it. The only one who can rule this world effectively is Jesus Christ. 

Don't give the devil a voice. Question what you hear in the American news. And that includes the immigration issue. What you hear has been twisted to use children as human shields and evoke sympathy from those who don't realize the truth. 

Many of those children are being brought over for nefarious purposes by people who are not their parents. How many caring parents would risk their children's safety by entering a country illegally? Many of those children are being trafficked. 

The children need our prayers. They are the victims. One solution is rather simple:  Perform a genetic test to see if the children and the parents' DNA match. It takes less than twenty-four to get the results. Those that don't match have no business being here. And maybe those children really do need to be separated from those "potential predators."

Unfortunately, there is a bigger issue involved here, and it goes back to Trump. The media, the left, the elitists, and the New World Order are using this tragic situation to put forth their own agenda, one of which is to destroy Trump's presidency. I could say more, but my point is for you, the reader, to think. Don't take my word for it. Remember, II Thessalonians 2:11: For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie

Again, I say, question. Don't believe it's true just because the media says it's so. Don't fall for the lie. Be a thinker. Question more.