Saturday, April 27, 2013

Readers' Favorite - Five-Star Review for Seventh Dimension - The Door, A Young Adult Christian Fantasy

Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite
Five Stars

Seventh Dimension - The Door by Lorilyn Roberts is a young adult fantasy novel about the adventures of Shale Snyder. Bullied at school and a product of a broken family, she finds herself in an unusual situation when she is transported to a garden paradise. She meets a donkey and a rabbit there who inform her that she is in the garden of the king himself. There is trouble in the garden, however, and Shale escapes to the seventh dimension together with a dog. More adventures await her in the amazing place where she finds herself. And in facing them, she is forced to look inside her heart. Hungry for love, will she finally find it here?

What is surprising about this young adult fantasy book is that although it is a fantasy story, it manages to deal with the issues that confront our young people today. Shale Snyder, the main character in the story, personifies many of the problematic young people in our present society. This makes her a real person to me. Because of her background, she longs for real love and she looks for it subconsciously. The
talking animals make this story a fable and I can imagine that it will be an entertaining read for young people.

In Seventh Dimension, I think the author Lorilyn Roberts intends to give young and rejected kids some hope that they will find what they are looking for someday and hints where to find it. And the reader also gets the extra bonus of going through a very entertaining book that will surely tickle their imagination. There is no doubt that this book is a must read for people of all ages.

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