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Give-Away on Goodreads, Five Copies of Seventh Dimension - The Door, Great Christmas Gift

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Seventh Dimension - The Door by Lorilyn Roberts

Seventh Dimension - The Door

by Lorilyn Roberts

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Review of Seventh Dimension - The Door, by Sandra McLeod Humphrey

What a great mix of ingredients inherent in this Christian allegorical novel for young adults! There's plenty of drama and conflict inherent in the ongoing battle between good and evil with a sprinkling of romance and even a dash of political commentary. 

The animal characters are charming and the human characters are equally interesting. We immediately identify with the young protagonist Shale as she deals with her feelings of rejection, abandonment, and social isolation, and we can also empathize with Daniel and his conflicted feelings about just who the teacher really is--whether He is actually who Shale believes Him to be. 

I love the concept of "multiple realities" depending on the choices one makes, and I think this is really a novel for all ages. It's a journey of self-discovery but so much more!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery, by Cheryl Rogers

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Bible Camp Mystery Shares Message of Salvation to Preteens, Teens

A 13-year-old boy disappears in the Florida woods in a new Christian mystery targeting preteens and teens. Called Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery, the book tells the tale of an ill-fated nature retreat.

In the book, things go awry early when the group encounters no-see-ums at dusk after setting up camp.  It’s downhill from there when Zack disappears in the middle of the night, several campers become ill, and a hurricane bears down on the Gulf Coast.

“It’s Florida at its best,” quips the book’s author Cheryl Rogers, a native of Miami who has endured many hurricanes through the years.

Rogers, the publisher of New Christian Books Online Magazine, weaves the message of salvation into the plot, encouraging readers to seek Jesus as their Savior. She also demonstrates the power of prayer, the importance of staying with a pack, and taking dominion over creation.

“It is my goal to expose readers to biblical principles at a young age, enabling them to understand key concepts,” Rogers says.

The plot unfolds as Chet, a former New York gang leader who has found Christ, develops plans for a back-to-nature retreat for a church group consisting of 10 to 16 year olds.

Despite their best efforts to prepare the youths, they learn early things don’t always go as planned.

“I loved Nancy Drew Mysteries as a child, so I have tried to capture that flavor in this story about Zack and his fellow campers," Rogers says. "It is my goal to help provide uplifting reading materials to readers 10 and up."

Among her other ebooks are The Lesson of Jonah: There is a Price to Pay When you Disobey, a Bible lesson plan; Just Like Jonah Wail Tales, a short story collection involving modern Jonahs who learn the hard way there is a price to pay when you disobey; and The I Can See Christian Storybook, a unique story collection aimed at defeating doubts about God as a child grows.

Rogers also has written a devotions book aimed at new and young Christian entitled Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook. It consists of 40 lessons teaching how to really love and forgive others, why it's important to set aside pride and lots more.

Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery is now available through the Amazon Kindle Store. Get the lowdown on the lovable cast of characters in the next few weeks, exclusively at New Christian Books Online Magazine.


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Another Second Chance -- Troy Lewis, free book today and tomorrow on Kindle

Has God ever given you a second chance – at life, an education, a job, or a relationship? If so, you can probably identify with Troy Lewis. Today and tomorrow, he is offering his Kindle book Another Second Chance for free (November 10 and 11).

Troy Lewis is a recent walking miracle (transplant recipient), speaker, and author.  He resides in Northwest Ohio with his lovely wife Stephanie and two beautiful daughters, Corrine and Allison.

He loves sharing "Wow God Stories" to inspire and encourage others.

For nine years Troy played the part of Jesus Christ in a Passion drama, but that was only in preparation for what God had in store for him next. Since his near death experience, he has been sharing the amazing "Testimonial Message" of (what’s called) God's Story.

Troy travels to churches, group organizations, and conferences all over sharing a story that only God could have created—one that strengthens faith, builds hope, and renews your belief in miracles.
He has been interviewed on TV, Radio, and featured in media articles.

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Which Book Cover Do You Like The Best?

Lisa Hainline is doing the new cover of the revised and improved book, How to Launch a Christian Best-Selling Book. I am not very good at choosing book covers. Help me pick the best one!

For more examples of her excellent book covers, visit her website at

Seventh Dimension - The Door -- Review by Carol A. Brown

Shale Snyder is smart, determined, impatient--and a troubled teen. Abandoned by her father, misunderstood by her mother, step-father and school authorities; accused of cheating, isolated from her best friend, and bullied by other students? It is a crazy, difficult world she lives in--hard to know what to do, when to fight and when to walk away. Comfort comes in unique ways. The school counselor says she is gifted and an apparently homeless dog adopts her. When Shale runs away from home with her broken birthday gift (yet again) it is understandable.

In her flight, a weak ankle gives way; her head hits a rock and so begins the inner journey that changes everything for Shale. While unconscious she enters a dimensional door that leads her further and further into another time and place. She is chased from an idyllic garden through a second door to enter the time Jesus walked this earth and taught. 

She comes face to face with the enemy of her soul and eventually defeats him. She briefly meets her long absent father and wicked step-mother. She hears a wonderful teacher, discovers He is THE KING and then meets Him and is changed by Him. She brings her half-brother to Him for healing and during this time in this dimension finds the love of her life. Oh, yeah, she also talks with animals during all these events! There is plenty of drama; in fact it seemed almost non-stop!

Arriving back in her own time and dimension, she finds people have changed. It is almost as if changes in the spiritual dimension have an effect on people in the natural dimension.

The issues of unfairness, injustice, not listening and not taking people seriously were strong themes throughout; themes that many teens relate to. I felt that Roberts did an excellent job of incorporating the teachings of Jesus into the resolution of Shale's problems. Her characters were well developed. Some characters I loved right away and others I disliked immediately. Some grew on me slowly--I think young people would relate well to both the characters and the issues. There is a final warm fuzzy but I don't want to spoil it for you!

This is a book that I could recommend to teens interested in fantasy or who are dealing with similar issues as those Shale encountered. I would also recommend it to adults/parents of a troubled teen to help give them an understanding from a teen perspective.

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Election 2012, Part 7: Responses to 12 More Comments, Including “It’s wrong to vote pragmatically,” “Politics is a waste of time” and “I’ll only vote for a Christian” - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries

Election 2012, Part 7: Responses to 12 More Comments, Including “It’s wrong to vote pragmatically,” “Politics is a waste of time” and “I’ll only vote for a Christian” - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries