Monday, November 19, 2012

Review of Seventh Dimension - The Door, by Sandra McLeod Humphrey

What a great mix of ingredients inherent in this Christian allegorical novel for young adults! There's plenty of drama and conflict inherent in the ongoing battle between good and evil with a sprinkling of romance and even a dash of political commentary. 

The animal characters are charming and the human characters are equally interesting. We immediately identify with the young protagonist Shale as she deals with her feelings of rejection, abandonment, and social isolation, and we can also empathize with Daniel and his conflicted feelings about just who the teacher really is--whether He is actually who Shale believes Him to be. 

I love the concept of "multiple realities" depending on the choices one makes, and I think this is really a novel for all ages. It's a journey of self-discovery but so much more!

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