Seventh Dimension - The Prescience, Book 5, A YA Fantasy


....A believable setting is enhanced by snippets of realism, such as people's limitations. My favorite example being that a person who had studied a language couldn't fluently understand the native speakers, and this is just one such example of attention to real-life details. Seventh Dimension - The Prescience is a very religion-oriented book, yet there are some original and interesting interpretations of ideas often used in such literature. As a reader, you are rewarded with subtle intricacies which add alternative perspectives and interesting ideas. Good versus evil in the most primal sense. Angels of good against angels of evil, each attempting to turn the tide in their favor....
~K.J. Simmill, Readers' Favorite Review

The Prescience is Lorilyn Roberts' fifth book in her Young Adult fantasy, The Seventh Dimension. The title itself suggests a powerful story, one where things are known before they actually happen, as only our Savior can do. The plot takes us on a journey through time, from the present day where evil powers are threatening to destroy all of humanity and earth itself, to the past and a completely different world where people continued to struggle with their beliefs if they even had any beliefs. The characters are both believable and realistic and the reader is instantly drawn into the storyline, wanting to learn along with both Shale and Daniel. And there is so much to learn in this story, so much to absorb." Looking forward to Book Six.
~Emily-Jane Hills Orford,  Readers' Favorite Review

Teen and young adult readers want to see a life they haven't seen before. WHAT BETTER VEHICLE TO INTRODUCE Biblical events than through time travel? Time travel is accomplished via star-gates opened by CERN and are either controlled by good or evil is a test all must pass who wish to be compassionate.
~Donna Ford, The U.S. Review of Books

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