Seventh Dimension - The King, Book 2, A YA Fantasy

"Lorilyn Roberts has painted an amazing picture of Biblical times. I could really feel what Daniel was feeling. What also appealed to me is the sprinkling of romance in The King when I wasn't expecting it. Roberts blends mystery, drama, history, romance, the Bible, and humor in a story that is entertaining and meaningful." - Courtney Grable, age 13

"Lorilyn Roberts is an awesome storyteller with a wonderful imagination. The King is easy to follow but is never predictable. I wanted to keep reading to find out what Daniel would find out next."  -  Cameron Presson, age 16

"Worship‑that the world offers gold, fame, respect, and adoration to those foolish enough to fall for its temptations. Romance ‑ that we are God's temple and are to remain pure and undefiled by casual sexual relations. That God wants us to save ourselves for marriage. Ambition ‑ that pursuing personal desires and goals that do not consider Him first actually regulate Him to second in our lives, and that to our detriment. Salvation ‑ that God offers the only way to be saved." - Ronald, Wakulla Book Review

Lorilyn Roberts has written a thrilling time travel story that will inspire young readers to look into themselves to discover their beliefs and their faith, and to strengthen their passion to follow their God. This is a page-turning thriller, a coming-of-age time travel fantasy that challenges a young man's faith and belief in God. Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

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Fantastic series. It\

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