Sunday, July 4, 2010

John 3:16 Marketing Network

We all want to sell more books, and ultimately, we want to glorify God in the process. My hope is we can accomplish this in much the same way as the Gospel is spread—through word of mouth among Christian authors. Many of you have written books about your faith, your love for Jesus, and how God has worked in your life through hardship, divorce, parenting and many other obstacles. He gave you the ability, desire, and passion to write. Truly, the hardest part is getting your book into the hands of those who would want to read it. I hope through the John 3:16 Network, we can work toward accomplishing that.

The John 3:16 Marketing Network serves several purposes:

1. To provide a Body of Christian authors to encourage and share the experience of launching a new book (or re-launch an already published book).

2. To help authors sell more books when they launch their book on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.

3. By having a target date for a book launch, more books will be sold within a 24-hour period, thus raising the author’s rankings in categories and subcategories. Amazon and Barnes & Noble promote their highest-ranked books (the top one hundred), which increases book exposure for the author.

4. Authors help in book launches by announcing the new book on social networking sites and email lists.

5. Authors can also help by offering free e-gifts during the 24-hour launch period, encouraging potential buyers to buy during the book launch, enabling the buyer to receive more value for his purchase.

6. Because there is no cost to join or participate, the Network can complement any marketing plan an author already has in place.

7. All Christian authors are welcome to join – self-published, Print on Demand, or traditionally published.

I have highlighted a few points here and hope you will be interested in learning more and signing up. The link to join and familiarize yourself with the way it works can be found at:

The three requirements to join are:

1. You must profess to believe in John 3:16.

2. You read, at the very least, the third article on the webpage, Part 3, “The Nuts and Bolts”).

3. You have a website or blog that validates your Christian testimony.

After you join, I will list your name on the author webpage at:

We need at least a couple of hundred author members before we do a book launch using the Network. Marketing requires wide exposure, and that is best accomplished with many authors being involved. Plus, not every author will want to be involved in every book launch. Once we have sufficient numbers, we will set up a Yahoo Users Group and Facebook page. I hope you will catch my vision for Christian authors helping each other to promote books on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.