Friday, October 8, 2010

Mother Time

Mother Time

Someone once said
Old is
When you can’t find your glasses
When you receive your invitation to join AARP
When you cash your first Social Security check
When you kiss your first grandchild
When you apply for Medicare
When you need a knee replacement
When you forget how old you are
When your family won’t let you renew your driver’s license
When you’ve had more colonoscopies than you can count
When your teeth fall out

I say
Old is
When I no longer find beauty in God’s creation
I forget to say thank you
Bitterness consumes me
Children bother me
People annoy me
Animals shun me
Morning, noon, and night I complain
I think I am always right
I no longer pray
read my Bible
or care

Dear Lord
Before I am old
Spare my friends
My family
My children
Call me home
So I may
Help me
To stay young
Bonds that never break
Belly ache laughter
Compassion like Jesus
Hope that endures
Forgiveness times seventy
Sacrifice beyond measure
Love for You
As ageless as
Mother Time

1 comment:

  1. That was definitely inspiration and thought-provoking. May we keep growing younger whenever we find ourselves growing old.