Friday, October 3, 2014

Does God Have a Special Plan and Purpose for the Jews in the Latter Days?


Question:  Do you believe God has a special plan and purpose for the Jews in the latter days?

Answer:  I believe that God's attention returns to the Jews and Israel in the latter days. Even today, as we focus on current events in the world, hardly a day goes by that Israel is not in the news. 

Unfortunately, in the West, our worldview is skewed in a way that we tend to look at the Bible from a different cultural perspective than the Bible was written, so we miss out on a lot of its rich history and historical customs. 

I try to keep a keen eye on what is happening currently in the Middle East in light of what Scripture says, knowing that many of the prophecies have yet to be fulfilled. I do not believe in replacement theology. I think that is a dangerous interpretation of Scripture and unbiblical. So yes, I believe God's attention will be on Israel, and whether Christians realize it or not, their heritage is rooted in Judaism.

The first to believe that Jesus was the Messiah were all Jewish, and they were persecuted for their belief.

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