Sunday, December 15, 2019

Reaching the World Through Christ by Voting for a Christian Book Cover Depicting the End of Days - Seventh Dimension - The Howling, by Lorilyn Roberts


To continue in the best book cover contest at All Author, I need to be in the top 24, and I'm at number 28 right now. That means without your help, I won't be able to continue. I have six days to get there. 

The main reason I want to make it to the next round is my book is a Christian book, and anytime we can promote our Lord Jesus Christ to a secular reading audience, we should do everything in our power to be a witness to the unsaved. 

I am asking those who love Christ to help me keep going. Perhaps someone who is not a Christian will see my book cover and be led to purchase it. I lowered the price to 99c on Amazon as long as I'm in the running. That means for every book sold I make 33c on Amazon, so this isn't about money. It's about spreading the love of Jesus Christ to secular readers. 

I truly believe the Lord's return is imminent. The Howling is the final book in the Seventh Dimension Series and is about the end days. Many people will never pick up a Bible, but if they are hooked in the first chapter of a book, they will usually keep reading. 

Getting people to pick up a book by an unknown author requires a book cover that intrigues them. If you think my book cover is "awesome," please vote. It only takes a second. 

You can do "open voting" by signing in with your Facebook account. Someone told me All Authors asks for your birthday, and that's to make sure people only vote ONCE in each round. 

Round three just opened yesterday, and so if you are wondering if you have voted in round three, if you haven't voted in the last twenty-four hours, you haven't. 

Again, thanks for your help. To have a realistic chance of winning, I need about two hundred votes.  


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