Saturday, April 11, 2020

President Trump's FULL Prayer For Our Country This Easter Sunday

The major networks omitted the beginning of President Trump's prayer, which is really the most important point. We need to remember the devil is suppressing the truth (God's Truth) at all levels. When Daniel says "knowledge shall increase and then the end," Daniel is specifically referring to the knowledge of God. That implies that the knowledge of God has been suppressed.

I am looking for a revival to explode when this coronavirus passes. People will be hungry for a short time. So we need to occupy, taking advantage of this opportunity to be bold in our witness and faithful in good works. God is busy redeeming souls, and He wants us to do His bidding before it's too late.

Remember, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that has to happen before the rapture. And God makes no promises about how long He gives each of us life if the rapture occurs after our natural death.

Be sober, be diligent, and pray unceasingly. And let's celebrate in our homes on Sunday the resurrection of our Lord and Precious Savior, Yeshua Mashiach.

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