Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Passion Week of Christ Presented in Christian Fantasy Through Audiobook - Seventh Dimension - The Castle, Book 3 in the Seventh Dimension Series


I felt very blessed to have Matthew Newbold narrate Seventh Dimension - The Castle, the third book in the Seventh Dimension Series

Most of the book focuses on the passion week of Christ. During this season of Passover and Easter, The Castle will give you a new perspective into what our Lord and Savior went through as seen through the eyes of a teenage Jewish boy from Israel when he is transported back in time to 33 A.D. 

While it's helpful to have read or listened to the first two books in the Seventh Dimension Series, I wrote the series in such a way that after the first couple of chapters, the reader will grasp the essentials and be swept along in a historic narrative that is timeless and based completely on Scripture.

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