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Monday, March 2, 2015

Prime Minister Netanyahu's Visit to Washington on the Day Before the Fast of Esther and Purim

I am reposting this email I received from a friend of mine. We met in Jerusalem January 1991 shortly before the Gulf War started. He and his wife, Roger and Naomi, and I were students at the Institute of Holy Land Studies during the time leading up to the war and shared the memorable experience of preparing for an attack, including how to use gas masks. 

I left in an all-night taxi ride from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (along with other people fleeing) a couple of days before the first missiles landed in Israel. Roger and Naomi stayed, braver souls than me. 

Roger and his wife have spent their entire lives as missionaries in Asia, and he is very knowledgeable on the teachings of the Bible, particularly as they concern Israel. In light of what is happening in Washington at this moment with Prime Minister Netanyahu's upcoming visit, I feel it's important for evangelical Christians to pray for the safety of our country and Israel. I fear judgement on our nation if we do not align ourselves with Israel. Much is at stake. Please continue reading to learn more.


Wilderness of Judea


We are asking you for serious prayer to our Father in Heaven in the Name of our Savior and Lord, Yeshua the Messiah FOR ISRAEL AND PM BENYAMIN NETANYAHU!!!!  Pray for Bibi's health and protection - may he show Faith in the Almighty, as Queen Esther did!!

You have heard the controversy - truth is, when Netanyahu got the Invitation from Boehner, he notified the White House of it and his intention to accept it (Jerusalem Post).  There was no response from the WH so Netanyahu accepted the Invitation - silence indicates approval. However, the WH silence was deliberate in order to falsely create a supposed violation of Protocol, a lie!  The Speaker of the House does NOT need the approval of the WH to invite anyone. Bibi did his part.

Obama hates Bibi and Israel (WHY??) and is trying to destroy him with Israel, regardless of more lies to the contrary.  Come to think of it, when has the WH ever told the truth??  The way Obama is weakening any deal with Iran shows that he wants Iran to have the bomb in order to destroy Israel, and in the meantime, betraying all relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others, who also fear Iran's intentions and have defense or cordial agreements with the USA.


This interesting article comes from Rabbi Benjamin Blech:

Controversy surrounds the Prime Minister of Israel’s forthcoming appearance on Capitol Hill.

Invited by Republican House Speaker John Boehner to address Congress about the threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed this opportunity to share his country’s existential concern as the Iranian regime comes ever closer to achieving the capability of fulfilling its avowed goal of the total annihilation of Israel. 

But the White House has made known its displeasure. A growing number of Democratic lawmakers said they would boycott his talk. Vice President Joe Biden, who as president of the Senate would normally oversee Netanyahu’s address, said he would be out of town. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she hoped the speech “doesn’t take place.”

The Wailing Wall

Why all this animosity toward the leader of a long-standing ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, to whom President Obama has long pledged his unswerving loyalty? Because the administration has made clear its fury at a supposed breach of protocol. The White House insists it was not consulted before the invitation was given. That breach of etiquette, it stoutly maintains, trumps any benefit Congress might gain from the insights of the Prime Minister of the country to be most immediately and severely affected by the present negotiations being concluded with Iran.

This isn’t the first time the issue of protocol lies at the heart of an Iranian threat to destroy the Jewish people.

There is Biblical precedent. Eerily echoing today’s story, the Book of Esther recounts the first recorded instance of attempted genocide against Jews in the ancient empire of Persia, today known as Iran. When, more than two millennia ago, Mordecai learns of Haman’s plot “to destroy, to slay and to exterminate all Jews, young and old, children and women, in a single day” (Esther 3:13), he prevails upon his adopted daughter Esther, now queen, to intercede.

But Esther is afraid. If she were to approach her husband to appeal Haman’s decree, she would be breaking royal protocol. “All the king’s servants and the people of the king’s provinces are well aware,” Esther responds to Mordecai, “that if anyone, man or woman, approaches the king in the inner court without being summoned, there is but one law for him: That he be put to death, except for the person to whom the king shall extend the gold scepter so that he may live. Now I have not been summoned to come to the king for the past thirty days” (Esther 4:11).

The Eastern Gate

Nonetheless, the Book of Esther tells us that after begging the Jews to pray and fast on her behalf, Esther chose to disregard protocol in the face of possible extermination of her people. Esther succeeded in averting the evil decree. As a result, Jews to this day around the world celebrate the Festival of Purim.

In Jewish tradition, the Purim story marks the commemoration of a different kind of miracle. In its unfolding, it is a miracle of coincidences so statistically improbable that they together speak to us of the hidden hand of the divine in human events. For that reason the book of Esther is the only one in the entire Bible in which God’s name is not to be found even once. 

Here God hides his face - but is as much involved as when he split the sea before the Jews fleeing the Egyptians. For Jewish commentators it is the message of the famous – and ironically anonymous – adage that “coincidence is merely God’s way of choosing to remain anonymous.”

And so perhaps the most remarkable serendipitous aspect of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech is that it is scheduled for the very day before Jews will be observing the Fast of Esther and Purim this year, to recall a time when a heroic queen decided that the survival of her people took precedence over protocol.



March 4 - Fast of Esther.  March 5 - Purim.  March 6 - Shushan Purim.  Enjoy reading Esther!!!

And please Pray daily for Bibi and Israel, God's forever Chosen People, who will never be destroyed and will be the Dominant nation over all when Yeshua Returns.  We choose to be with Yeshua and with Israel!!  

Rom 11:33  O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! 
"By Faith we understand..."

Friday, February 27, 2015

Book Review: The Chosen, by Chaim Potok

Book Review by Lorilyn Roberts

The Chosen was written in first person and the many themes were handled realistically and authentically. I felt like I was reading a memoir from the protagonist, Reuven. Chaim Potok writes in a matter-of-fact style with a smoothness that is comforting and reassuring. I could relate to and understand the protagonist’s problems as well as that of his friend, Danny Saunders.

The story was set during World War II in New York. Potok wove the war into the story to magnify the issues of faith, life, and death. Some of his references were very specific which intensified the meaning and drama of The Chosen, as if the name of the book had a double meaning; i.e., D-Day, President Roosevelt’s death, the subsequent discovery of the concentration camps, the horror of learning that six million Jews had been slaughtered, and the determination of Reuven’s father to give the Jews a homeland in Palestine. 

The conflict of Danny with his father was the most intriguing theme for me: Would it be possible to never speak to my father except when debating the Talmud? It seems improbable, but Potok did succeed in making me believe it was true. The lengthy passages about how the Hasidim sect began, the meaning of Apikorism, the finite differences in Judaism between Danny and Reuven, the intensity of the meaning of their Jewishness, and the biographical sketch of Reb Saunders’ history and family members (his genius brother and what happened to him) helped to create the realism that he and Danny never spoke to each other except when debating the interpretation of the Talmud.

Pokok took a complex theme (family relationships and faith) and wove the story into one that is universal, particularly for the Jewish people, who have suffered for thousands of years as God’s “chosen” people. I believe this type of book is important for the younger generation where so much that is written is fluff and superficial. I believe most adults tend to underrate what young people are capable of understanding and embracing. The Chosen has raised the stakes in challenging all of us to respect the difficult choices that some young people must make when dealing with family, faith, values, and destiny.

To purchase from Amazon, click here:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Excerpt from Jordan’s Shadow by Robin Johns Grant

Yesterday over on the John 3:16 blog, Robin Johns Grant gave a little background about her latest novel, a YA suspense called Jordan’s Shadow. As promised, here is an excerpt. But first, a little background:


The Crosby family has a frightening problem. Is it psychological? Supernatural? Or something entirely unexpected?

In 1984, seventeen-year-old Rose and her fiancĂ© discover an injured girl with no memory. The girl, Jordan, is in Rose’s life for a brief time but leaves her world shattered.

Twenty-five years later, Rose Crosby’s daughter Ginny can’t understand why her relationship with her mother has fallen apart. Ginny could swear that Rose is terrified of her lately. 

Then one awful day, Ginny overhears Rose confessing that she truly is terrified of Ginny—because to her, every day Ginny grows more and more and more like Jordan, the girl who's been dead many years. In fact, she swears that somehow, Ginny is turning into Jordan.

Is Ginny’s mom insane? Is there a ghost in their house, threatening to possess Ginny? Or is the demon in Rose's past, forcing her to confront what happened on that horrible day in 1984 when Jordan was killed?

As a new girl in a small town, Ginny doesn’t have much of a support system. Her old girlfriends from Atlanta have drifted away, and the only friends she’s made are, strangely enough, guys. Alec Matthews is gorgeous, but is he really interested in Ginny’s well-being? And then there’s Max Ferguson, the recently-born-again science nerd. He’s definitely on Ginny’s side, but is he a little too strange?

Strengthened by a deepening relationship with one of these two, Ginny undertakes a mind-bending journey of discovery—discovery about faith, eternity, and love beyond the boundaries of space and time. She will put to rest a mystery that has haunted her family for two generations—if she can survive.


Ms. Shaw cooed, “Ben, why don’t we just let Rose talk right now? Rose, can you tell me what exactly you do think is happening?”

A long, long silence. When Mom started to speak, she sounded out of breath, gasping for air every few words. “I started noticing it a couple of years ago—or I don’t know, maybe even sooner. You know how girls change when they hit puberty. Overnight, she started looking so different. Not like the little girl I’d had. But that’s not what disturbed me. At first, I just had this nagging feeling that not only did she not look like Ginny anymore, but she did look like someone else.”


“Yes. The bone structure in her face, her height…she was so tall. The way her hair lifted away from her forehead—in fact, Ginny complained to me one day that she wished she could get it to lie down sleek and straight and I looked at her and saw that the fullness, the way it fanned back was just like Jordan’s. I mean…so many physical things. Her golden eyes—”

“Okay, but there’s probably a good explanation for her gold eyes, right?” said Ms. Shaw.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I know you all said that Jordan’s eyes were very much like Livvy’s. Your sister would be Ginny’s aunt, so it would be natural for her eyes to be that color.”

“But Ginny’s weren’t always so gold like that.”

“Of course they were,” Daddy scoffed. “Or anyway…they were a kind of gold-brown, and I think she’s just using some make-up or something that makes them look a little different now.”

“Anyway, there were other things. The way her voice got so husky and deep, exactly like Jordan’s. The way she walks. The way she twists her hair around her fingers when she gets nervous.”

“Rose, that’s all complete garbage! Little stuff, that you could notice about anybody if you started looking,” Daddy said.

“I tried to tell myself that for a long time, Ben. And then one day I took Ginny with me to visit Mamma in the nursing home. When I had been visiting Mamma, she hardly even reacted. Never moved or spoke. But when I took Ginny, she knew her, too.”

Ms. Shaw’s voice sounded sharp for the first time. “How can you possibly know that? Your mother can’t talk.”

“She did when she saw Ginny. She called her Jordan. She hummed the song that Jordan used to hum. Mamma saw it, too.”

“That’s when all this started, I guarantee you,” Daddy declared. “Carla Remington’s brain was completely fried by that stroke. She’s said maybe five words since she had it, and they never make sense when she does.  But all because she spit out the name ‘Jordan’ when Ginny came in the room—”

“It wasn’t only because of that. That was just confirmation.”
“Look, Rose…why doesn’t anyone else see what you see? Why doesn’t Anna recognize her? You don’t, right, Anna?”

“I…I can see a small resemblance…maybe. To tell you the truth, I can hardly remember what the girl looked like. But I don’t think my memories are all that relevant. I just want to know what Rose thinks. What do you believe is going on with Ginny? Are you saying you think Ginny is possessed?”

Ginny felt dizzy. She pressed her hand against her forehead and fought the urge to get up and flee the room.

“I don’t just want to know what Rose believes,” Daddy said. “I want to know what she plans to do about it.”


“I’m scared to death about all this, and not just because it sounds so bizarre. I’m almost sure she’s been trying to poison Ginny.”

Mom’s voice sounded strangled. “Ben, you’re not…surely you don’t think I made Ginny sick? That I would ever make her sick on purpose?”

“Not the Rose that I’ve known all these years, no. But this one, the one that’s filled with all these delusions…yes, I do.”

Ginny started to shake her head. She wanted to shout at him to be quiet, he didn’t know what he was talking about. She pulled herself to her feet and jerked open the door of Max’s room.


Robin Johns Grant published her first novel, Summer’s Winter, in 2014, and her second suspense novel, Jordan’s Shadow, has just been released. Summer's Winter won a bronze medal in the Romance - Suspense category of the International Readers' Favorite Book Awards, and Robin was named 2014 Author of the Year by the Georgia Association of College Stores.

Family and friends are happy that Robin’s imagination is finally paying off. She’s always had way too much of it. She started making up stories before she could write them down (dictating them to her mother) and always had her head in the clouds. She was obsessed with books and movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars and did a lot of crazy fan stuff, which helped her dream up Jeanine and Jamie’s story for Summer's Winter. It’s a romantic suspense novel, but as John Granger (author of The Deathly Hallows Lectures) said, it’s also “a romance-thriller about fandoms…and explores the important intersection of literature, spirituality, and imagination.”  

As a Christian, Robin can’t help but explore spirituality in her writing, but wants to do so in a way that reflects the awe and wonder of God and eternity.

With a degree in English, several non-fulfilling jobs under her belt, and a mid-life crisis coming on, Robin returned to school and earned a master's degree in library and information science. She now has her best day job ever as a college librarian, which keeps her young by allowing her to hang out with students.

With her wonderful husband Dave and formerly feral felines Mini Pearl and Luna, Robin lives in Georgia.  She is also surprised to find herself part owner of a pit bull named Pete, who showed up as a starving stray puppy at her mother's house.

Keep up with Robin at these sites:

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