Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Thoughts on Creative Writing - Freedom of Chaos

by Lorilyn Roberts
We want freedom in writing within a framework of orderliness. A house can have many different looks, but without a solid foundation, it won’t stand. I home school my younger daughter Joy and the first chapter in her English book is about how to construct a sentence. The topic is covered in detail, beginning with the definition

of a subject and a predicate.

The foundation of a good story must have good sentence structure. The sentences need to be woven together to form a well-written paragraph with a main idea. The paragraphs build over a page, and eventually the pages come together to make chapters. An entire book emerges from one sentence. But if you don’t have structure, usually built from the skeleton of good grammar and an outline, you will end up with chaos.

God is a God of order. But we don’t need to be legalistic or rigid. Once we understand structure, we have the freedom to build on that structure and create fabulous stories.


  1. This is my mantra, not just in writing but in teaching, and all the rest of life. 'Freedom within a framework' - love it!

  2. Thanks, Tracy. I appreciate your feedback:)