Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Much Difference In Sales Does a Great Book Cover Make

Original cover on the left.   Lisa Hainline at http://lionsgatebookdesign.com designed the cover on the right

How much difference does a great book cover make when it comes to selling books? The one on the left is my original book cover of Seventh Dimension - The Door. I found the photograph at http://shutterstock.com and bought the license to use it. I then hired a professional to design the book cover. There is nothing wrong with my original cover on the left, but compared to the one on the right - what do you think?

How about some numbers to compare how many copies I sold of Seventh Dimension - The Door  with the two different covers?  From October 2012 through February 2013, I sold 118 books. From March 1 through March 17, with the new book cover, I sold 374 books. Seventh Dimension - The Door reached number one in Christian Fantasy, Christian Futuristic, and Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy on Amazon (Kindle version). 

As you can see in the screen shot below, Amazon is now labeling Seventh Dimension - The Door a "#1 best seller." The only significant factor I can attribute the increase in sales to is the book cover. The number of reviews didn't change dramatically. I had three more reviews added in March (If you would like to review my book, let me know in the comments). 

Who is the "miracle worker" that designed my new book cover? Her name is Lisa Hainline.  She was recommended to me by Jerry Jenkins. 

Why settle for a mediocre book cover when you can hire someone to design a great book cover? I had no idea that an excellent book cover made that much difference in sales, but it does.  If you would like to contact Lisa Hainline or look at other book covers she has designed, her website is: http://lionsgatebookdesign.com


  1. I love the second book cover - good choice :)

  2. aw, you bless me so! You can see my stuff here: http://www.lionsgatebookdesign.com/ and i also have shared OTHER MAKE-OVERS on my blog, which are ALWAYS fun to go through: http://www.lionsgatebookdesign.com/book-design-blog/

    Lisa Hainline

  3. This certainly confirms that no matter how good the content, if the cover hasn't caught the eye, readers may never get to the content at all.

    Best of success to your book!