Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kindle Scout - How Does It Work?

I am trying something new – Kindle Scout. Kindle Scout is Amazon’s way of discovering unpublished books that might be the next best seller—after all, they are the greatest advertisers in the world and they sell millions of books each year.

The good thing about Kindle Scout is you can still submit your book to a traditional publisher or self-publish. The contract is only for eBooks and audiobooks, so it doesn’t affect the print copy. Your book must be categorized as literature, romance, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, mystery, or thriller.

What attracted me to try Kindle Scout is they guarantee $25,000 in royalties the first five years, or you can terminate your contract. Here is the link for more details: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/about

Out of the thousands of books submitted, Kindle Scout has published less than two hundred. I have submitted my book and am waiting to see what happens. 

I would encourage new authors to study all the books submitted on the site at the moment (there aren’t that many). You can learn a lot by being observant. Check out the book covers, the one-line blurbs, the descriptions, and the first five thousand words. See what works and work doesn’t. See what’s in the “hot and trending” category. I believe it’s very important to know your competition. What are readers buying? What do people want to read?

As a Christian, we have a tougher road because our books should meet a higher standard, always remembering we write for an audience of one. One of the biggest challenges is not to get discouraged. As Christian authors, we can be a great encouragement in sharing and building each other up—for God’s glory.

So, as I pen these words, I hope you will take a look at my book on the Kindle Scout site. Let me know what you think. Lisa Hainline, who was recommended to me by Jerry Jenkins, designed the cover. Her website is at http://lionsgatebookdesign.com/
You can find my book “The City” at this link: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/32QVYN5NXBDOK#authorBio

Right now, Seventh Dimension - The City, A Young Adult Fantasy  is trending in the "hot" category on Kindle Scout, so thanks to everyone who has nominated my book.

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