Monday, March 28, 2016

Readers' Favorite Five Star Review of Seventh Dimension - The Castle

Reviewed By Paula Tran for Readers’ Favorite, Five Stars

The Castle by Lorilyn Roberts describes a Jewish man, Daniel, who has been sucked into a seventh dimension. Traveling between different time periods, he is a wanted man by the Roman soldiers. In order to escape persecution and live in peace, Daniel must flee to Jerusalem, but not without complications. He constantly has to look behind his back for Roman soldiers, and has lost God's gifts and many of his possessions. Most of all, he is being tormented by a demon, who tries to make his life as miserable as possible.

This novel will definitely be a treasure for readers of all ages. While it has a bit of a fantasy element to it, time travel and dimension traveling is always a classic page turner. However, this book is written in a more serious tone, dealing with some adult issues, problems, and ideas. The Castle also puts a whole new spin on time travel and dimension travel, with religious and cultural aspects to make it more dramatic and emotional. This book has elements that children and adults will love equally. 

I also like the way the author portrays the setting, action, and characters throughout the novel. Even in the beginning of the novel, the details are enough to allow readers to paint a picture in their minds, but not too much to bog them down. The characters are also realistic, dealing with problems that readers are able to relate to. In addition, the amount of suspense in the writing is amazing, which keeps the reader interested and turning the pages.


I just entered "The Castle" in the Readers' Favorite 2016 Contest for Christian Historical Fiction and Supernatural. If you are interested in purchasing click here (where you can order from many different websites).

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