Saturday, July 30, 2016

Latest Amazon Review of Seventh Dimension - The King, Book 2 - The Series Appeals to Old and Young Alike

Having enjoyed the first novel in this series I was enthusiastic to read this book, the second novel in the series. I adore young adult novels (despite being far older than a young adult!) and this novel did not disappoint. The novel is a wonderful, and intriguing, mix of historical, spiritual, and supernatural, all merged into an imaginative story. 

The story moves at a fast and engaging pace, and the plot is full of adventure, fantasy, history, and interesting settings and characters. For those who have not read the first in the series, this novel can be read as a standalone, as the reader will have no trouble understanding what is going on (some parts at the beginning may be a little confusing, but if you persevere the story comes together). 

If you love fantasy novels, and enjoy elements of time travel, history, and spirituality mixed into a coming-of-age, creative plot then I am sure you will also enjoy this novel.

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