Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Important Message for Women With Dense Breast Tissue, and/or Prior Biopsies and Breast Surgeries

I pray that the information I share in this video, while difficult to talk about, will help women with dense breast tissue and/or breast biopsies and surgeries to receive the best possible care. Talk with your doctor about getting MRI's on a routine basis in addition to mammography. It could save your life.


  1. Thank you Lorilyn for a timely and much needed perspective on alternative follow-up procedures after receiving routine mammograms. I have had only one previous lump (that was classified as stage 3 cancer) - but it turned out to be a benign tumor in my left breast - deep in the tissues. I am not aware that I have dense breast tissue.

    Needless to say - I am grateful I have not had any other issues since that surgery in 2004. However, I am going to inquire if I can have an MRI the next time I get a mammogram just to be sure. Thank you so much for your careful and insightful analysis of how cancer can indeed be missed while doing routine checkups.

    God bless you for sharing and we are praying for your complete recovery.

  2. Thanks, Deborah, for your comment. Praise the Lord, in your case it was benign. I had had five previous surgeries and biopsies, and I'm thankful that all of those were benign. Thankfully, breast cancer is one of the most curable cancers. I appreciate your prayers and know God is in control. More needs to be done by doctors for women in high risk groups. MRI's should be made the standard for care for women like me. Hopefully, I can help make a difference. Blessings on your and your family.