Seventh Dimension - The City, Book 4, A YA Fantasy


"The City is an incredible adventure set during the end of days. The fourth book in the Seventh Dimension series will have readers on their toes as Shale and Daniel set out to rescue Daniel's father. Lorilyn has done an excellent job in creating a YA series that while entertaining, presents a solid foundation of the Gospel message. With a little bit of fantasy, mixed with science, conspiracy theories, and Christianity, the book culminates with a superbly written, yet horrifying look at what awaits those who reject God. YA readers will find this one hard to put down without thinking long and hard about their future."  
~Award-winning author Laura Davis

"Lorilyn Roberts is an amazing author! I felt as if I was reliving the story with Shale each step of the way. Clear descriptions place the scenery right in your living room, and the suspenseful ending of each chapter kept me hooked. Reading this book has inspired me to want to do so much more for Yeshua each day. I highly recommend this series."
~Paris, age 12

Superb writing—characters are either likable or...... review gif

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